Blood Transfusion Set

IV Cannula is also known as IV Catheter. It is a Bevel-type needle used for the easier and less traumatic
insert. This tube of Catheter is flexible, kink resistant and double tapered with a rounded tip for smooth
introduction and minimum discomfort to the patient. The catheter is made up of either PTFE or FEP. It is
also available in PUR.


• Back-cut needle bevel for easier insertion with minimal trauma
• Stainless steel, silicone tipped needle for smooth penetration.
• Injection port with one way silicone injection valve.
• Specially designed protection cap with a recessed plug to cover
• the injection port and minimize contamination.
• Angled and grooved wings for secure fixation.
• Radio-opaque lines for accurate radio-graphic detection.
• Luer cap for blocking the catheter when not in use.
• 6% luer taper for compatibility with all standard devices.