Closed Wound Suction Set


  • Radio opaque drainage catheter has multiple, very smooth perforations for optimum drainage end of the perforated catheter is tip formed to minimize the trauma to patient.
  • Bellow container is made of flexible plastic so that one person can easily operate to activate the section connecting tube is kink resistant, DEHP free with extra strength to withstand the suction.
  • Bellow container is graduated marked for aspiration of 500/800ml fluid. Curved and siliconized alene needle is made of stainless steel for smooth sliding of the needle through tissue.
  • Available in different sizes with matching size alene needle to meet moderate to heavy drainage needle also available in mini model for small volumes after surgery (50ml) with 6FG to 8FG drainage catheter & alene needle. Hanger is provided for easily handling of set.
  • Sterile/Non-Pyrogenic /Single use