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Endo-Tracheal Tube


  • Used protect airway under general anesthesia congenital malformation and disease of the upper airway mechanical ventilation perinatal resuscitation and various form of respiratory disorder.
  • Madefrom non-toxic ,non-irritant medical grade clear PVC.
  • Kink resistant thin walled thermo sensitive tube soften at body temperature.
  • Smooth inside /outside surface for ease in incubation, extubation and suctioning.
  • Smooth polished bevel and murphy eye and tapered balloon end atraumatic intubation and extubation.
  • Kink resistant inflation tube to ensure patient safety during cuff inflation and deflation.
  • Radio opaque line and marking provided to facilitate identification of tube position.
  • Universal15mm connector at proxima end.
  • ETO sterile and pyrogen free for single patient use only.