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Measured Volume Set

Medicura Devices Pedia Drip Pediatric (Measured Volume) IV Set is a burette-type measured volume chamber used for the controlled infusion of medications, typically over long periods of time. IV sets are used to connect the medication to the needle inserted into the patient. IV extension sets are also used to extend IV lines without risk of contamination.


  • Flexible,transparent & soft calibrated cylindrical measured volume chamber, chamber injection port allows medication to be injected in to burrete chamber for extra medication.
  • Strong, sharp and air vented spike is made of study medical grade ABS material for easy insertion of IV.
  • Shutoff floater to prevent air embolism and it helps to indicate fluid.
  • Soft flexible drip chamber fitted with 15 m fluid filter and micro driper for delivery of approximately 60drops/ml.
  • Soft and kink resistant tube bulb latex for easy flushing.