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Scalp Vein Set

Scalp vein sets/ SV sets are also known as winged infusion sets. venipuncture or the collection of blood from a vein to obtain blood samples for tests and at blood banks on blood donors. Scalp vein sets are commonly used to perform difficult venipuncture procedures such as in older adults, children, and infants.


  • Sharp Needle: Precision engineered superior sharp needle points ensure minimal pain and discomfort to the patient during infusion.
  • Flexible connector: The other end of the SV set is usually a female luer fitting which is widely accepted by most medical manufacturers and can be easily attached to syringes, vaccutainers and extension tubes.
  • Packaging: SV sets are packaged in sterile, individual blister  This ensures complete safety for patients from infections. SV sets are meant for single use.
  • Color coding: The infusion sets are color coded according to their gauge size. Thus, they can be easily identified by technicians without any error.